BAME Staff Network – We want to hear from you!

Kent’s BAME Staff Network was launched in 2019 to support the University’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity and provide an active forum in which BAME staff can engage to discuss issues and experiences important to them.

About the Network

Full Terms of Reference for the Network can be seen on the HR webpages:

Current Network Co-Chairs are Mita Mondal, Vanisha Jassal, Dr Bridget Ng’andu, Dr Barbara Adewumi and Dr Gurprit Lall; all have been staff members at Kent for several years. One of the Co-Chairs is studying for a PhD research degree at the University. They therefore bring a range of experience and knowledge related to both staff and students. This is critical to forming a comprehensive understanding of BAME experiences at the University. To find out about the people behind the Network, take a look at this blog produced by the Co-Chairs during the University’s virtual ‘Belong and Grow’ week in May 2020.

Following its launch in 2019, a key objective of the Network has been to reach out to all BAME staff members so please do contact the Network at if you would like to talk to the Co-Chairs about membership or any other matters.  Please note that this inbox is only accessible by the five Co-Chairs and all communication will be kept confidential and anonymous.

Staff survey Phase 2 Case Studies

In 2020, all staff at the University of Kent were invited to take part in the BAME Staff Network Survey Phase 1 to help the Network explore and examine staff experiences of working at Kent.  The BAME Staff Network All Staff Survey 2020: A report on the findings, is now available on the BAME Staff Network website – BAME Network – Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity – University of Kent. The Report was positively received and endorsed by Professor Georgina Randsley de Moura, Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Academic Strategy, Planning and Performance.

We are now building on the exclusive insight of Phase 1 of the qualitative research by progressing the research study to Phase 2, which involves rich in-depth Qualitative Interviews with colleagues that expressed interest in participating in the case studies.  To enable us to have a good representation of colleagues from BAME backgrounds, we requested for amendments to the initial Ethics Application of 2020, to include a specific request for BAME staff that did not take part in the Phase 1 research, but would like to participate in the case studies, to now do so. The amendment was approved by SSPSSR Ethics Committee in March/April 2022.

Our research in Phase 1 foregrounds the significance of colleagues wellbeing, progression and sense of belonging and we wish for BAME staff to deeply reflect on their lived experiences whilst working at Kent. This will enable the Network to continue its collaborative work with the University’s Senior Management Team in addressing racial inequalities and create an inclusive culture and environment where all staff are able to thrive, irrespective of their race or ethnicity.

Please remember, if you have any questions about the Phase 2 Case Study research, to email the Principal Researcher, Dr Bridget Ng’andu on B.Ng’

For expressions of interest to participate in the study, please contact Dr Daisy Emoekabu on

Thank you, Bridget, Mita, Gurprit, Barbara and Vanisha, Co-Chairs of the BAME Staff Network