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Covid-19 Update: Latest Government Announcement

From Professor Richard Reece, Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Education & Student Experience

As some of you may have seen, earlier today the Government announced that a number of the current Covid-19 ‘Plan B’ measures will be ending on Thursday 26 January (next week). This includes ending the current guidance for people to work from home when they can, along with an immediate end to children wearing facemasks in classrooms.

We are currently working through what this will mean for us at Kent, including seeking HE-specific guidance on what the position is on face coverings in a university setting. For the time being, the current guidance around face coverings for students in teaching spaces remains in place – we will follow up with an update later this week to clarify what safety measures and working practices will be updated at Kent alongside the wider national changes.


Professor Richard Reece | DVC Education & Student Experience