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Call for contributions for Learning and Teaching Conference

Colleagues involved in teaching or supporting student learning are invited to submit proposals for workshops, discussion papers, mini-presentations, or posters for the 2022 Learning and Teaching Conference. Contributions should address the theme, “Rethinking assessment and feedback designs for learning enhancement”, and be received by 28 February 2022. The full call, including the proposal submission form, is available via this blog.

How we design assessments and opportunities for students to gather and act on feedback are critically important aspects of teaching practice.  Assessment design is a key point of leverage for enhancing education because many students strategically focus on it, and it is obligatory. Feedback can be one of the most powerful ways of enhancing students’ learning if students are prepared to seek out and use all available sources of feedback to improve their subsequent work. We invite contributions that address assessment and feedback in various ways or contexts, for example:

  • Diversifying assessments as part of diversifying the curriculum for cultural and racial inclusivity
  • Gamification
  • Digital tools for automating or innovating processes
  • Using questions and unmarked tasks strategically and systematically to enhance seminars, labs or lectures
  • Authentic assessments
  • Wider audiences for student work, such as presentations or performances for the community or business stakeholders
  • Promoting self-feedback or peer feedback
  • Noticing, interpreting, and making changes based on feedback from technologies of the discipline (e.g. lab equipment readings, results of computer code, sense-making of statistical data and outputs)
  • Innovative use of materials, spaces, or technologies
  • Co-curricular, partnership, work-based, or employability activities

The conference will be held on Monday, 20 June 2022 in Darwin Conference Suite. Sign up to attend. Questions can be emailed to heprogsadmin@kent.ac.uk.