Stellar HE participants

Applications invited for StellarHE leadership programme

From Martin Atkinson, Director of HR and Organisational Development

We recently adopted our new Antiracism Strategy, one key aim of which is to “Dismantle barriers to racially minoritised staff members’ success and belonging”, which includes an action to provide leadership development opportunities and mentoring for racially minoritised staff.

As a first step towards this aim, we have committed to supporting members of the Kent community to take part in the StellarHE programme. StellarHE enhances and extends the leadership skills of racially minoritised Academic and Professional staff in order to address the under-representation of racially minoritised leaders in senior positions. It has been designed specifically to equip participants with leadership competencies and strategies that reflect the unique challenges and experiences of racially minoritised staff across the HE sector.

The programme is for staff who aspire to operate at a senior, strategic level here at Kent – both academic and professional services, and we are delighted to have secured seven places for Kent delegates, with a dedicated place available to one colleague from each of LSSJ, NatSci and CEMS and four further places available to all colleagues in every area

As places are limited, and there is substantial need in this area, we will be running an internal process, but to minimise additional work will use the StellarHE application form that can be found on the T&OD page under BAME Senior Leadership. (There is no need to complete the additional A4 page or biography unless you are shortlisted).

Applicants need to send the completed form and manager statement to  by 17:00 on Friday 14 January 2022, using the email subject line ‘StellarHE’.

Places will be awarded on a competitive basis – after the deadline, a panel will be convened to review the applications based on the selection criteria in the StellarHE enrolment form. Applicants will also be reviewed on how their applications demonstrate the positive impacts of their participation on:

  • the individual and their career;
  • their team/department/Kent;
  • race equality at Kent.

Applicants will be notified of an outcome via email by Friday 21 January 2021.

Martin Atkinson | Director of HR and Organisational Development