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Register of Interests – 2021/2022

All staff are invited to submit new or updated declarations for incorporation in the 2021/2022 Register.

The University Council holds a Register of Interests for members of Council and all staff, in line with the Higher Education Code of Governance and the Office for Students Audit requirements. It is up to individual members of staff what, if any, interests they declare – however, making a declaration provides protection for both you and the University against any possible allegations of impropriety.

For the purposes of the Register, an interest is defined to be any financial or other personal interest an individual may have in any relationship or proposed relationship between the University and an external body. This would include consultancy, employment, directorship or other activity within a commercial concern, shareholding or membership of statutory and public authorities. Other education establishments and companies with which the University has an actual or potential business relationship should be included, as should any interest that a family member might have that could give the appearance of a conflict, even where no actual conflict exists.

Documents, including the Policy and a Declaration Form can be accessed on the Council Secretariat website and on SharePoint. You can also find the University’s Policy on Personal Benefit can be found on our Governance pages.

Colleagues are welcome to contact Council Secretariat for confidential advice if needed.