Report and support. New reporting tool

New Report and Support tool for students

We are pleased to announce a new online reporting tool for reporting student incidents of sexual misconduct and assault, harassment (non-sexual), assault, bullying, discrimination and hate incidents. This replaces the previous inform Kent (inK) system ​and helps Kent students to get the support they need promptly.

The Report and Support online tool allows both anonymous and named reports. If you choose to provide identifiable information, we will be able to contact you to offer support or discuss ways that you can (if you wish to) report the incident formally. By deciding to report anonymously, you will be providing information that will help us to make our university the safest ​environment it can be. Anonymous information will be reviewed at regular intervals throughout the year, to ensure that we are ​monitoring incidents reported and putting ​new strategies in place where needed.

Take a look at Report and Support online for about how to report, and well as several support articles relating to these incidents. It may be worth familiarising yourself with the tool in case you or a friend needs to use it to make a report in future, and you can also find information on positive safety campaigns and ways in which you can get involved in promoting a culture of respect at Kent.

Have your voice heard. Visit Report and Support now.