Rachel McCrea to deliver presentation at World Laureate Forum

Professor Rachel McCrea, Professor of Statistics at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science, has been invited to participate in the 4thWorld Laureate Forum (WLF) as a Young Scientist.

The WLF is the foremost global scientific gathering of prize winners, including laureates of the Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Lasker Award, Turing Award, Breakthrough Prize, and Fields Medal as well as hundreds of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering and outstanding young scientists worldwide. Professor McCrea was nominated to take part by the Royal Statistical Society.

Professor McCrea will present at the Ecology, Economics and Statistics session alongside Laureates Angus Deaton, (2015 Nobel Prize in Economics), Alessio Figalli (2018 Fields Medal), Simon Levin (2005 Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences), and Eric Maskin (2007 Nobel Prize in Economics), as well as fellow Young Scientists Maurizio Porfiri, Mark Christiaan Veraar, and Shuaian Wang.

The WLF runs from Thursday 30 September to Sunday 3 November in Shanghai, with Professor McCrea participating remotely.

Further details about the WLF are available on their website.