Students achieve GOLD

The Global Officers Leadership Development (GOLD) Programme has celebrated another successful year.

The programme, led by Kent’s Dean for Internationalisation Dr Anthony Manning, International Partnerships and International Programmes is a co-curricular venture which provides a framework of activities for globally minded undergraduate students at Kent to develop their leadership skills, global citizenship and cultural awareness.

Although the programme went online this year, participants took part in various workshops including Event Management, Talking Cultures, explored the concept of curriculum internationalisation and their own cultural intelligence (CQ).  They created a series of Web Hangouts that took place throughout the year, engaged in various virtual exchange opportunities with our university partners around the world including Hong Kong, Canada, the US and Europe, and represented Kent as student panel members at various internal and external conferences.

Leah Bird, Global Officer 2020-21, said, “The GOLD Programme has been a wonderful experience and his given me many opportunities that I had never considered before such as organising WebHangouts or participating in a global challenge with a Canadian university. The organisers make it an unforgettable experience and it has provided me with transferable skills and knowledge that I will apply in my post-university life.”

“This amazing group of #kentglobalofficers have led our internationalisation at home and have created and participated in so many cross-disciplinary and transnational activities; it is truly humbling and inspiring, especially given the challenges of the pandemic!” Dr Anthony Manning, Dean for Internationalisation

Would you like to become Kent’s next Global Officer, 2021-22?  Applications are now open (deadline 10 October 2021). For further information and to apply, please see: