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How to wind down after an exam

1. Go for a walk

Getting outside can be a great way to clear your mind after an exam. After sitting at your desk for a long time, it can be really beneficial to get your body moving and to get some fresh air. Also, you can always spend this time listening to some music or a new podcast to take your mind off of the exam.

2. Watch a film

Having a movie night with friends or by yourself is a great way to relax. Pick a movie you’ve been wanting to watch for a while and reward yourself for all your hard work. Break out the popcorn and the pizza and enjoy yourself!

3. Take a long nap

After finishing an exam, it might feel like you need to go straight into revision for the next, but it’s important that you take some time to yourself in between. If you’re feeling drained, getting some sleep is vital to ensure you perform well in your next exam, as this will be far more beneficial than tiring yourself out. Take a nap to regain some energy and also to allow your body a break after a stressful exam. Hopefully this will also allow you to relax and feel better when you wake up!

4. Cook yourself a comfort meal

We all have a specific meal that just makes us feel a little better. Whether that’s something your mum always cooks at home or a new recipe you’re trying, having a comforting meal after a tough exam can help you to feel more positive.

5. Read a book

Reading is a great form of escapism, and can really allow you to switch off for a while. If you’re looking for some great book recommendations, reach out to friends and family, or maybe try a new book from an author you already like.

6. Remember that you did your best

Even where you might feel that an exam went badly, often you will have actually done better than you thought, and you’re just overthinking! Remember that you no longer have control of the exam, and that it’s not worth focussing on what went wrong. Instead, try to think positively and focus on the fact that you got through it and did the best you could in the circumstances.