Next Generation Impact launch

To continue the discourse and look to the future of impact generation following the REF2021 submission, the Research Excellence Team has organised a series of six panel discussions covering many aspects of the impact agenda and aptly named ‘Next Generation Impact’.

The launch on Monday 26 April was an outstanding success with over 1000 views across YouTube and Facebook –attracting an audience from 54 UK universities, 6 international universities and 11 public sector attendees.

The live streamed panel talk with esteemed guests Dr Steven Hill (Director of Research at Research England), Dr Julie Bayley (Director of Research Impact at University of Lincoln), Dr Tina Haux (Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Policy at the University of Kent) and Professor Paul Phillips (Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Kent) discussing ‘Perspectives on Impact’ gave the audience an insight into research impact and how this is perceived across the sector.

‘Impact culture needs to be nurtured as part of an institutional commitment to long term and sustainable impact – for and beyond – REF’

The next event in the series ‘Embedding Impact in Research: from Planning to Publication’ will be live streamed on Thursday 13 May 12.00 -13.00. The series is free and open to all – book now