Kent Vision screen shot showing different blocks

Launch of KentVision and read-only access to Student Data System (SDS)

The new KentVision student portal launches on Monday 19 April. KentVision reports the information we have about you and simplifies a lot of processes behind the scenes, providing you with an enhanced student experience and record of your time at Kent.

What differences will I see with KentVision?

The main change for you as a student is that the KentVision student portal will look a little different. Watch this quick video guide below to see the new look and tips on how to use the new system.

With any new system comes some changes; module codes are different in the new system but both the old and new codes are referenced on your examination timetable to ease the transition. Your timetable view will also display a different set of week numbers the new system uses but will still be easy and intuitive to view.

How will the Student Data System (SDS) be affected?

The Student Data System (SDS) will close Friday 9 April at 17.00. You will have read-only access to SDS between 12-18 April while your data is transferred to the new system. This means the information you can see will be “frozen” and you will not be able to make edits during this time.

Please note – any new course marks that are due to be released while SDS and KentVision aren’t available can be viewed in Moodle.

Please be patient with any student data queries during this time as staff will not have access to SDS from 10-18 April. Staff will be able to answer these queries from 19 April once KentVision launches. We do not expect any interruptions in this period to other core IT services for example Moodle and TargetConnect.