Complete our ‘Future of Work’ staff survey

We are launching a staff survey looking at the ‘Future of Work’ at Kent. With your input, we’re keen to make sure we find the right balance between new and old approaches, capture the best parts of what’s happened over the past year and find out more about what you feel would support you most once more of us are able to be back on campus.

We’d like to hear about your experiences of work since this time last year: what you’ve learnt and what is (or may have become) important to you. We’re inviting your views on working practices you believe we should keep, where we need to do better, and what you think could be left behind.

The findings of this survey will be highly influential in determining the ways we choose to work in the future and the infrastructure and support we will need. It is a survey that requires reflection but will hopefully be worth the time that you invest in it. The findings and feedback from staff will be discussed at EG and JSNCC and be an important consideration in our plans for the future.

The survey has been designed under three headings: ‘Physical Space and Working Environment’, ‘Technology’ and ’Culture’, all of which reflect the changes to the way in which we work and how we each experience our connection with the University and its community.

Completing the survey

The survey will take around 20 minutes to complete. You’re encouraged to take the time you need to properly reflect on the answers you give – it is possible to complete the survey in stages if you need to.

Some of the questions will be more relevant to staff who have been prioritised to work on campus, and others to those continuing to work remotely. Please answer all questions that you feel apply to you and your working arrangements. The survey is now open and you can access it by following this link.  If you have any questions about completion, please email the team at

Closing date 

The closing date for completion of the survey is 17.00hrs on Friday 9 April.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your experiences, reflections and suggestions. The results will be shared with staff and the JSNCC.

Please remember that the University’s Employee Assistance Programme is available to provide confidential information and advice to all staff on a range of workplace and personal issues.

Alison Ross-Green | Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development