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NSS launches 8 February

The National Student Survey launches on 8 February and it gives our students the chance to tell us (and everyone else!) what it is like being a student at Kent.

Although the last year has been challenging, we are encouraging our students to share their thoughts about their experiences.

All students eligible to take the survey, will receive an email invitation from Ipsos MORI week commencing 8th February.

In past years, Kent has scored highly in the NSS for student satisfaction, and the survey results help to improve our university for future students.

We have created all the resources you need to communicate the survey to your students. You can access all the marketing material and resources on Sharepoint.

You can help promote the NSS to your finalist students by:

  • Using the artwork. There is also a PowerPoint presentation template for you to use.
  • Promote any divisional incentives e.g. prize draws, in order to help boost response rates within your area.
  • Highlight to students and colleagues the importance of the NSS.

Please note that the NSS should not be communicated to students before 8 February