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Free short courses in English Language and Academic Skills

English Language and Academic Skills (ELAS), delivered by International Programmes, provides FREE additional training in English for Academic Purposes to any registered international/overseas student at the University of Kent.

ELAS consists of taught modules which are delivered in the autumn and spring term, and individual speaking or writing tutorials which you can book in either term. ELAS aims to help you to improve your English language, gives you the chance to discuss your specific academic difficulties with the tutors and meet students across the University. All of our modules will be delivered online in the spring term.

What is the In-sessional English Language and Academic Skills (ELAS) programme?

  • All levels from Foundation to Postgraduate
  • 2 hours per week per workshop/module for 5 weeks, from weeks 15-20 (excluding week 19 as this is Enhancement week)

What modules do we deliver?

This spring term, you can choose to do any of the following modules:

  • ED001 – Essay writing
  • ED002 – Grammar
  • ED003 – Seminar discussion and presentation skills
  • EW334-337 – Talking Cultures workshops – to enhance cultural awareness and intercultural communication skills

To sign up for the modules, please complete this sign-up form

Modules fill up very quickly, so please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Individual Tutorials:

  • Essay writing tutorials (EDOO5)
  • Speaking/Pronunciation tutorials (ED008)

To book an appointment for a tutorial, please email:

Any credits?

ELAS modules do not carry credits but students can earn employability points for attendance.

  • 2 hours attendance = 5 points
  • maximum 20 points

Visit our website for more information about the modules.

Thank you!

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