Fun things to do with your housemates

This year has certainly been challenging and we have all needed to adapt and change the things we do in our daily lives. Staying indoors doesn’t mean your social life will need to suffer, especially during your first year at University. Even if you’re staying in there are still many fun things you can do with your housemates. Check out some of our suggestions below.

Host a games night

This is one that’s great to involve friends from home. Why not have a virtual party and host a games night via Zoom where you can stay connected without leaving the house. A great one that’s quick to get the hang of, without needing to download anything (and free!) is This is a Pictionary game where you can have multiple players online taking turns drawing and guessing each other’s creations. No artistic skills required! If you like board games, is also worth looking into. This is an adaptation of Settlers of Catan, a multi-player resource-based strategy game. There are plenty of other free games available online, so it’s worth looking into.  

Subscribe to a streaming service

Stay in and have a movie night on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and or Disney+. From Marvel to Pixar there’s something for everyone. Netflix Party also means you can watch with your friends online and without being in the same household, again great to connect with friends back home. As a student, you can also sign-up for a free six month trial of Amazon Prime.

Celebrity bake-off

Become a star baker from the comfort of your own home. Challenge yourselves in creating your very own showstopper by either using your own creative flair or by following family favourite recipes online.  If you’re in self-catered accommodation you’ll have access to a modern kitchen. Even if you’re in part-catered accommodation you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Why not try making a microwave cake for a quick chocolate treat?

Do a home workout

If you’re just starting out, looking to improving your fitness as part of a new year resolution and needing that extra bit of motivation to go to the gym… why not bring the gym to you? There’s no better time to give a home workout a go. With exercises easily adaptable to individual needs there’s something for everyone. You won’t need to pay for membership or own specialist gym equipment, making it a very student budget friendly option. You can even use household items as weights, from a bag of pasta to a can of baked beans.

Don’t forget if you’re a first year student living on campus, you have access to free Kent Sport gym membership.

Virtual pub quiz

Challenge each other’s general knowledge with a quiz! Take turns in being quiz master, writing the questions while the rest of you participate by answering them. Or you can use one of the many quizzes available online. If there’s enough of you in your shared house or online group why not have teams and a different theme each round? It’s also a great way to learn new facts which may come in handy in future pub quizzes at Woody’s!

Struggling to get on with your housemates?

Living somewhere new, with new housemates can be overwhelming and it can take time to adjust. If you are finding it difficult living with your new housemates, check out our advice online.

If you are missing home or need some extra support, our Student Support and Wellbeing Team are always on hand to help!