Get ahead – what you can do before you arrive

Here are some things that you should do before you arrive at Kent.

Arrange your accommodation

At Kent we offer different types of accommodation to suit a variety of needs including a mix of catered and self-catered, sociable and quiet and en-suite and shared facility room options to choose from.

You can apply online now for your accommodation, so as soon as you know your travel plans it’s a good idea to apply as our rooms are   allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you have a question about applying just reach out and contact our Accommodation team.

So you’re ready to arrive look over our Canterbury Arrivals and Medway Arrivals webpages which are full of useful information to help you through the moving in process.

Sort out your finances

You’ll need to get your finances in order before fresher’s week. This may not seem like the most exciting task when preparing for university, but it’s one of the most important. We have put together a Money Timeline that covers everything. If you are staying in campus accommodation also take a look at our ‘how to pay accommodation fees’ page.

Decide what to take

Whether you’re living on our Canterbury campus, in our Medway accommodation or living off campus find out what’s provided at your accommodation to avoid making unnecessary purchases, and check how much storage you’ll have – there’s no point taking things you don’t have the space to keep. We have written a blog post about the items you will need.

Look into your travel options

Railcards offer value for money if you travel by train, saving you at least 1/3 on most rail fares. There are a variety of railcards available from the 16-25 Railcard, 26-30 Railcard and the Family railcard.

Alternatively Stagecoach and Arriva offer UniRider tickets exclusively for students which provides heavily discounted bus travel across all of Kent.

Make sure you are familiar with the Government’s advice on how to travel safely during the pandemic.

Get reading

Many schools put their reading lists online weeks before their courses begin, or will send you the details via email. This will give you an idea of what to expect from your workload, and getting a head start on reading will build your confidence for lectures.

You don’t need to own every book on the list – identify the core texts and buy these. Any others you need will be available to borrow from your university library or to buy from former students for a fraction of their original retail price.

Get to know the area

You can read up on your campus town area by heading to Visit KentKent County CouncilMedway Council and Canterbury Council. Also try resources such as The Student Room who have threads about various student towns.

Learn to cook

Ask for help with making your favourite meals while you’re still at home – you’ll be glad you did once you’re fending for yourself. Student cookbooks, available in bookshops and online, focus on using simple ingredients and cooking on a budget.

Shopping cheaply is easier than you think – Co-op offers a 10% discount to NUS cardholders, and own-brand food from the supermarket is often of the same quality as the more expensive branded alternatives.

But don’t worry if you are still burning toast before you leave, we have lots of catering outlets available across our campuses serving a wide variety of food. We also have a Flex Catering Package you can purchase if you don’t want to worry about anything!