Webinar on the history of African women in the NHS

As part of Black History Month we are hosting a webinar on the history of African Women in the NHS. The event takes place on Monday 26 October between 17:00 to 18:30 and consists of a one hour workshop exploring the valuable contribution African women have made to the sector. It will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. Questions can be submitted in advance via Becky Lamyman on R.S.Lamyman@kent.ac.uk.

Recruitment for the British health service from the colonies of the British Empire began in the period after the Second World War. However, nurses, doctors and other medical professionals trained in Britain before this, as Higher Education was not available in the colonies.

Despite their long history of work within the health service in Britain, the role of African women is rarely highlighted in discussions of the history of the NHS or of health work more generally. As current narratives on black women in the British health service tend to focus on ‘Windrush generation’ Caribbean contributions, this project will cover new ground and expand the understanding of this history.

This webinar is FREE and open to all.

Simply register your attendance on eventbrite and a link to the Teams event will be emailed to all registered participants.