Organising for Success: Transitions Update

Alongside ongoing work to finalise changes to professional service departments across the University, activity has been continuing to support the transition from Schools and Faculties to academic Divisions.

As Divisions took over responsibility for their budgets from 1 August, a number of key changes were needed to systems and processes to reflect the new model. Several other admin and wider updates have also taken place across teams, with this work continuing ahead of new structures being fully operational from 1 November.

What’s been done so far

A major step in transition has been the introduction of our new Divisional Leadership roles, with latest appointments available on the Organising for Success staff webpages.

Other changes to date include:

  • Adjustments to key finance processes: including setting up Divisional cost centres; changing financial reporting structures to Divisions and Directors of Operations; updating authorisation processes for payments and invoices; and updating relevant access and permissions in Agresso
  • Moving towards new governance and committee structures: including standing down Faculty Committees; putting arrangements for 2019/20 Boards of Examiners and Appeals are in place; facilitating Kent Union representation in new Divisions; and reviewing our Research Ethics governance structure
  • Updating our key systems to support transition: including IS reconfiguring Staff Connect; identifying essential changes to SDS and associated downstream systems, which will take place on 14 September; assessment of the impact on Moodle to ensure this is carefully managed; and evaluation of the impact on our module evaluation system
  • Updating key policies and procedures: Including handover of student conduct and complaints procedures from 1 September (with investigations carried out by the Student Conduct and Complaints Office and signed off by Divisions); and HR-led revisions underway to key policies affected by the changes, such as academic promotions
  • Key communication changes: including updating student ID cards to remove references to Faculties; development of Divisional landing webpages; transferring or archiving all relevant content from the three Faculty and FSO websites

A number of teams will now take forward work in their own areas to support transition, including updating relevant policies, communication documents and new training requirements. This will be supported by the Project Management Office to ensure a coordinated approach across the University.

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