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Kent’s Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries (ICCI) is now up and running.

The Institute’s role is to coordinate and advertise our teaching and research across Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities disciplines, as it relates to cultural, creative and digital innovation. We’re working at the cross-over between creativity and the digital in particular, in areas like gaming, immersive tech, AI, health and welbeing (including social prescribing) and placemaking, but also more generally in finding creative solutions to cultural problems.

Your ICCI offers a place for business, academics and students to come together around these questions.

The key schools to date have been Computing, EDA, Business School, Journalism, the Centre for Music and Audio Technology, Architecture, English and Arts, but we have also been working with SSPSSR, CHSS, KentHealth and KMMS to generate new types of teaching and interdisciplinary research. We want to put people in touch with one another across these areas of the University and beyond to make sure that, as a university, we’re ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

So we would love to hear from you if you are interested in creative work – do please email us with a very brief description of your interests, join the mailing list on the ICCI website, or get in touch with any questions or suggestions: icci@kent.ac.uk