7 Frequently Asked Questions about dining on campus

Whether you are moving out of your family home for the first time or are a mature student starting at Kent, our campus at Canterbury has a great range of options to suit your needs. We cover 7 Frequently Asked Questions about dining on campus.

What type of food do you serve on campus?

There are many different catering outlets on campus offering a variety of delicious, high quality food and drink options. Whether you want comfort food, vegetarian dishes, healthy options, or an indulgent treat, you’ll discover something fit for your appetite. You could be eating Korean chicken wings in Dolche Vita one day and sharing a bowl of garlic butter fries in Origins the next. Full menus can be found on the catering webpage.

Do you serve vegan and vegetarian options?

Meat-free living is one of the fastest growing lifestyles in the UK. Self-identified vegans and vegetarians account for approximately 3% of the population, but they are amongst a broader base of people showing an interest in reducing meat and dairy intake. If you’re ever in doubt about a dish, full ingredient listings are available in all outlets, just ask a member of staff for more details. We’d recommend telling the restaurant team when you order that you’re a vegetarian or vegan, just to ensure they’re extra careful.

I have a food allergy; how can I find out which dishes are safe to eat?

At Kent we take allergens extremely seriously and do everything we can to accommodate students who have allergies. In every bar, café and restaurant there is a Food and Menu Specification Folder, which tells you all the ingredients in a specific dish. If you do have an allergy, please let catering staff know when you order so they can make double sure your meal is prepared with the utmost care to minimise cross-contamination.

I don’t have set mealtimes and tend to snack throughout the day. Are there places open to eat during the day and late at night?

Most cafes, bars and restaurants on campus are open throughout the day and into the evening. Both Hut 8 (Turing College) and the Library Café serve food and drink until 22:00, so you can enjoy a fresh slice of pizza or hot drink before heading out or heading home.

Due to the coronavirus, is it safe to dine on campus?

Your safety is top priority. To ensure you don’t have to worry, Kent Hospitality has been working hard to develop new measures in line with government advice so you can safely enjoy food and drink on campus. Cafes, bars, and restaurants will be offering a takeaway service, with some larger outlets offering socially distanced seating areas.

Outlets will have signage and operate on a cashless purchasing system throughout. Kent Hospitality will continue to follow guidelines for the duration of the pandemic and will adapt their policies in line with government recommendations and advice as and when needed, or until such a time that the pandemic is considered low to no risk to customers, staff and suppliers.

I’m not very confident in the kitchen, do you offer a meal plan for students?

For those with little kitchen experience, learning to cook can be both an exciting and daunting experience. To help students with this life transition, and ensure they have access to a variety of healthy and convenient options during this busy time in their lives, Kent offers The Flex Catering Package. The Flex Catering Package is open to all students that live on or off campus. It offers an enormous amount of flexibility as well as a huge discount by paying in advance.

Costing £1100 for the academic year, you will get a food and drink allowance of £10 each day, but you would have only paid £5 a day, meaning you could benefit from savings of 50% on your food bill over the course of the year. The Flex Catering Package allows you to focus on University life and get the best possible degree rather than worrying about shopping or cooking. For more information, please visit The Flex Catering Package webpage.

What’s the KentOne card and how do I use it to buy food?

The KentOne card is your University of Kent student ID card. This multi-functional card enables you to access specific areas of the University, borrow books from Templeman Library, become a member of Kent Sport, and purchase items on campus. The KentOne card is a quick, easy and safe way to buy food and drink on both the Canterbury and Medway campus in a number of catering outlets and shops. Every time you use it, you’ll receive a 10% discount at the till.

The KentOne card works much like a prepaid cash card. You add cash to it and top it up when the funds run out, just like you would with a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. You can only spend what you load onto the KentOne card, so it’s very safe from a budgeting perspective. If you’re prone to overspending, the KentOne card can be a good way to make sure you stay on budget. For more information on where you can use the KentOne card, how to top up your card, and how to benefit from the 10% discount, please visit the KentOne webpage.

This year, Kent Union also has an app you can use to order food for collection or table service in their outlets. Download the app for iPhones now.