What to and what not to bring with you

You are starting your first year at University so how do you decide which products to bring or not to bring? We asked our current students for their expertise.

The best place to start is to double check what is included in your room already, depending whether you’re living on the Canterbury or Medway campus.

Once you’ve done that, here’s our list of key things to remember.

1. Electronic essentials
Laptop, phone, tablet…check, don’t forget your chargers and your headphones too. Memory sticks and fans are rated high on most previous student’s lists as well. If you’re coming from overseas buy a high-quality international adapter, these are available to purchase at your college reception if needed.

You will need your own desktop or laptop, which you’ll need to use frequently for your studies: make sure it meets this minimum specification. If you’ll struggle to buy or access the required tech, there may be some support available depending on your circumstances.

Before you start packing, check that your technology will work on campus: if your printer or smart device (TV, speaker, streaming device) relies on Wi-Fi, it won’t work (it needs to have an Ethernet port and wired internet capability, or to connect directly to your computer). Bring a network/Ethernet cable for the wired internet in your bedroom. Wired internet is fast and reliable as there’s no risk of interference.

2. Bedding
Don’t buy new bedding until you have accepted your accommodation offer and you know your exact room number.  Why? We have different size beds in different rooms on the Canterbury campus, so always check your bed size before you buy (Medway Pier Quays accommodation – you have it easier, as all beds are 4 foot).

3. Clothes
Pack for all four season as the weather is unpredictable. To help keep your room clutter free, make sure you pack enough hangers for your wardrobe

4. Cooking utensils
If you live in part-catered accommodation you shouldn’t need anything beyond your basic crockery and cutlery, as kettles are provided and toasters aren’t allowed. If you’re going to live in self-catered accommodation we suggest just buying a set of crockery and cutlery for yourself, plus food storage containers and basic pots and pans to get you started. Holly Donkersloot, Psychology student, says, “bring coloured crockery so you don’t all get confused about whose everything is!”

5. Stationery
The usual suspects from your college pencil case, pins for your noticeboard and white tack for your posters is a good start. Your school should let you know if you need any subject specific items.

6. Decorations
As long as it doesn’t mark the furniture or walls (we suggest command strips) then you are welcome to decorate your room. So print pictures; bring your favourite books; posters; battery-powered fairy lights; pack of cards; and things that make it feel like home. Of course, there are some obvious (and less obvious) restricted items.

Don’t rush to buy

Don’t buy any subject books or resources until you’ve been told to do so by your school or lecturer. If the lecturer thinks you need your own copy of a book, they will tell you. Most other resources you will need should be available through the library. Modules are updated each year and essential texts may change so wait for your 2020-2021 reading list.

You won’t need to buy Microsoft 365 – you get FREE on to up five devices when you get your IT Account!

Restricted items

…on to the serious stuff. There are some items you should not bring to University, including:

  • Anything with a naked flame, such as candles, incense, joss sticks, oil burners, barbeques, lighters, or smoking paraphernalia.
  • Electronics must all be in good, safe working order. However, some items are completely banned, such as heating appliances like heated airers, cooling appliances like mini refrigerators or air conditioning units and multi-way cube adaptors.
  • No pets
  • Finally, we know it sounds pretty obvious, but please do not bring any dangerous items such as flammable liquids, weapons (including replicas) or fireworks.

If you are in doubt about any item please get in touch with the Accommodation Team.

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