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Staff representation on the JSNCC

The Joint Staff Negotiating and Consultation Committee (JSNCC) is one of the most important committees in the University, with a remit that covers consultation on topics such as the University’s plans and proposals as well as negotiation on pay and staff terms and conditions.

At present, the JSNCC is consulting and negotiating with the aim of reaching agreement on a new reward strategy and will shortly begin consultations on a proposed pay freeze.  If agreements are reached, the proposals will be implemented and staff contracts will be varied automatically without the need for staff to agree individually.

It is therefore vitally important that staff are properly and fully represented on the JSNCC.  In addition to elected representatives of our recognised trade unions, there are also four seats on JSNCC for elected representatives of staff who are not trade union members: two representing the professional services and research support staff in grades 1 to 6; and two representing the academic, research and professional services staff in grades 7+.

One of the two grade 7+ staff representatives, Denise Twomey, will be leaving the University at the end of July 2020.  Denise has been an active and committed representative and has played a full role in the work of the JSNCC over the past few years.  Two candidates have been nominated to replace Denise and to act as grade 7+ staff representative alongside Jon King.  The two candidates are:

  • Mita Mondal – School Administration Manager from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, who has been nominated by Farzin Deravi and Melissa Mulhall
  • Charlotte Ransom – School Administration Manager from the School of Computing, who has been nominated by Andrea Peett and Alison Webster

Details of how to vote will shortly be emailed to all staff in grade 7 and above along with a link to the two candidates’ election statements.  Please take a few minutes to read the candidates’ statements and to cast your vote – it is very easy to do and totally confidential.