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Top 10 Family Activities

Spending time with your loved ones is a great way to make a lifetime of wonderful memories! Ahead of Father’s Day (Sunday 21 June), we’ve picked top 10 activities for you to do with your nearest and dearest….

1. Have a family movie night

Get the popcorn ready and settle down for a fun-filled film-fest! Decide together which movies to watch and get curled up on the sofa, it’s a great way to relax and stay connected.

2. Go on nature walks

What better way to get back to nature then with an idyllic walk with loved ones? Explore a nearby nature track and discover the wonderful wildlife as well as the surrounding scenery…

3. Get Baking

Baking or cooking is a great way to be creative together. If you’re with children, they love to squish dough with their fingers so anything from pizzas to biscuits are a perfect choice.

4. Grow a herb garden

All you need is a pot, some herbs (you can get from a supermarket) and soil and you’re on your way. Kids will love to get involved, and of course these can be added to your cooking!

5. Go for a bike ride

Getting on your bikes and going for a ride to wherever takes your fancy, is a fun way to stay active with the ones you love.

6. Make a family scrapbook

From photos to memorabilia, creating a scrapbook is a wonderful activity, that will be treasured by your loved ones for generations…

7. Have a BBQ

With the sun shining and summer in the air, now is the perfect time to stoke up the barbecue and relish in a gourmet of grilled delights.

8. Play games

Get out your old board games and enjoy a good old-fashioned games night with the family. You can’t beat a round of charades or two…

9. Indoor/outdoor picnic

Indoor or outdoor – let’s face it picnics are fun either way! Roll out your mat and dish out whatever delights are hiding in the basket…

10. Go camping – even if it’s in your own garden!

Pitch up a couple of tents and have an adventure with your kids, you’ll love sleeping under the stars.

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