TalkToMe-Sitting Figure Landscape

Will Wollen vocal contribution to London sculpture trail

An award-winning sculpture featuring a spoken contribution from Will Wollen, Senior Lecturer in Drama, is currently being installed at Cody Dock in London, where will form part of The Line, a London sculpture trail.

As visitors approach the breathing wooden sculptures made by Steuart Padwick, a sensor is triggered, and the figures voice poignant and uplifting words. These conversations start to crack the ‘burden’ to release a glowing light. The series progresses from a standing figure, carrying the burden on its shoulders, to a figure resting against its burden, highlighting that while the burden may not be overtly visible it is often not far away. These words were written and recorded by notable poets, writers, actors and mental health ambassadors.

The installation has been recognised with two Impact Awards from the International Safety and Mates in Minds Awards.

You can hear Will and the other voices by clicking on these recordings.