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Launch of virtual buddy scheme

The Virtual Buddy Scheme is a peer to peer non-academic support scheme coordinated by Kent Union that helps students through university life.

During the current pandemic it provides a welcomed opportunity for students to connect and look out for each other, wherever you are at the moment. You’ll be matched based on your indicated preferences; whether that’s what you are currently studying, your interests and hobbies or how you are currently keeping busy.

Find a buddy

If you’re feeling a little disconnected, you might benefit from finding a buddy. You will be matched based on your preferences and what you might need right now, whether that’s someone to chat to about how you’re feeling or someone to play online games with. Kent Union will organise various virtual events where you can meet with other students; we encourage our buddy partnerships to meet at least once a week, but there is nothing stopping you meeting virtually every day.

Become a buddy volunteer

We feel that it’s more meaningful for students to be matched with someone who knows what it’s like to be a student at Kent and can identify with other students’ experiences. Being a buddy volunteer can be a great opportunity to give something back and support others. Kent Union match you based on your preferences with someone who they think you’ll be able to support- you might end up becoming friends for life!

Find out more on the Kent Union buddy webpage. If you have any questions please e-mail