Dr Todd Mei

Dr Todd Mei discusses meaningful work during a pandemic

Dr Todd Mei, Head of the Department of Philosophy, has recently been interviewed by the journalist Dana Lewis, alongside BBC political commentator Jo Phillips, on a podcast episode of ‘Back Story’.

Todd uses the words of Aristotle to extol the virtues of courage and justice in times of a global pandemic.

He says: “In these kinds of situations, as a result of the pandemic and as a result of our lifestyle changing, it does require resilience, solidarity and community.”

“Day to day, people who we encounter in shops and communities are taking on significant importance in our daily lives. I would hope that this would go on to create a greater appreciation for low paid workers. Hopefully, it will create a renewed respect and appreciation for community workers and encourage businesses to get involved with meaningful work, which does not just equate to monetary value, but also makes the workers feel like they are doing something that contributes to society.”

You can listen to the full episode online (Todd’s segment is at around 16:00)