Philippe De Wilde

Research and Innovation update

The Government has postponed the submission date for the Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF) to allow universities to support research into clinical and health-related fields.  While the new date has yet to be announced, it is likely that this will be in the not too distant future.

As a result, the University has paused all internal REF deadlines and will announce a revised deadline once the situation is clearer. Research Services will continue to support those who wish to continue with their REF preparations.  Work is also underway to adapt the Knowledge Exchange Framework submission.

It is worth remembering that the REF and KEF are only indicators of research and innovation. The main challenge is to keep research and innovation going in these difficult times and I know that many of you are currently juggling childcare and other domestic responsibilities with your work commitments. For those that are able to find the time, I would also remind you that gaining external funding for our research is still of paramount importance for the institution, and again, central support remains available for those wishing to apply for external funding.

I am keen to speak with you to hear how you are coping, and how the University can help. In 2015 I visited 650 academics, researchers and research professional staff for 20 minutes each.

I am keen to speak with all of those who are submitting to the REF and with those who are working to support them on this. From mid-April onwards, I will be setting up 10-minute ‘Teams’ meetings with each of you. It will be good to talk with you although I am fully expecting to also meet many pets, young children and others who are currently at home with you!

Philippe De Wilde | Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation