No-detriment policy agreed for this academic year

We know that the last few weeks have been difficult for you, and many of you are worried about sitting exams and completing other assessments. As a result of close working between Kent Union and the University, we are pleased to announce that Kent will be implementing a no-detriment policy that will safeguard the contribution of your academic performance in the outcome of your studies for this academic year.

This is an extraordinary time and the uncertainties brought about by the impact of COVID-19 have led us to develop a framework which is both flexible and academically robust. It is also designed to support you through a range of scenarios and individual circumstances. We know you have all been affected in different ways and the circumstances you find yourselves in will vary from person to person. Our approach will hopefully give you comfort in knowing that under the no-detriment policy your final average overall mark for the stage will not be impacted adversely as a consequence of the current conditions caused by COVID-19.

These changes come from the incredible amount of feedback, discussions and cooperative work from Kent Union’s elected full-time officers and from our academic colleagues. We would like to thank you for your input, patience and understanding. We are confident that we have developed a set of principles which will ensure that you will not be academically disadvantaged in any way during the summer assessment period.

We would ask you also to note that due to the rules of professional recognition status in a limited number of subjects, we may not be permitted to apply the ‘safety net’ policy to specific professionally recognised programmes. These are not decisions that we can control and if this is the case you will be communicated with separately by your School.

Further details on this no-detriment policy will be made available by Wednesday 8 April 2020 at the latest, but we wanted to let you know as soon as possible that this approach is being adopted. In such uncertain times, we hope that this is one thing less for you to worry about.

Please do refer to our Exams and assessments FAQs page – we will be continuing to update them.

With our very best wishes

Christina and Sasha

Professor Christina Hughes                             Sasha Langeveldt
Interim Director of Student Services              President, Kent Union