Millie Knight skiing

Millie Knight wins World Cup gold

Millie Knight is a woman full of ambition. Becoming visually impaired at a young age, she knows no boundaries when it comes to excelling on the slopes.

Just before Christmas, Millie and her ski guide Brett Wild took home seven out of eight Gold medals at a World Cup in Mammoth, California. Feeling on top her game, she went into 2020 ready to ski. Unfortunately, on her way to Gatwick, she was involved in a rear-end collision and suffered severe whiplash. Being who Millie is, she powered through and was still able to make her flight to Switzerland – ready for the World Cup.

Despite her injuries, Millie skied for six days straight even though she was experiencing throbbing headaches and pain in her neck. Due to illness, Millie’s guide wasn’t able to attend her first race so her reserve guide, Katie, came out. They had one day of skiing then raced the next day.

“By the second run, my neck had totally seized up and I was experiencing terrible shooting pains down my arm, but still placed fourth. My neck was extremely sore, so I asked to see a physio the moment I finished racing. As soon as the physio took one look at me, I was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken neck.”

Luckily, Millie was okay and was off to Slovenia, ready for her next challenge – ‘GS’ aka Giant Slalom – the second slowest slope with top speeds of 70km/h. By this point, her guide Brett was well enough to ski with her. Millie received Bronze, Gold and Silver respectively for her races.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Millie’s next move is to take part in the British National Championships in France and after that, she’s off to Norway for the next World Cup and Sweden for the World Cup Finals. We have no doubt Millie will do incredible things and all  this competition is helping Millie achieve the ultimate goal of partaking in the 2022 Winter Paralympics.

Kent Sport congratulates Millie for her successes and is proud to have her part of the team. Find out more about the Kent Sport scholarship programme and for more information about Millie, see her profile.

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