Exam hall

Examination and assessment SDS check now open

The Examination and Assessment Check for 2020 exams is now open.

Please check your details are correct for the 2020 exam period and ensure you are:

  • Registered for the correct modules
  • Assessed as expected (ie coursework and/or exam)

To do this log on to SDS, and select Registration.

SDS My Study screen

Then select Examination and Assessment Check and check through your details.

You will then need to confirm if your modules are correct.

SDS Are my modules correct screen?

If there is a problem you will be taken to a new screen, please let us know what the issues are by submitting your changes. (Note: assessed refers to coursework and examined refers to exams).

SDS list of modules with tick box to say if correct or not

Closing: Wednesday 26 February, 16.00.

If you have any questions please contact us exams@kent.ac.uk