New Zealand

Dreams, sailing and exotic places – Nostalgia podcast

In the latest episode of the Nostalgia podcast series, Chris Deacy, Head of the Department of Religious Studies, interviews Dr Patty Baker, Senior Lecturer in Classical & Archaeological Studies and School Equality, and Diversity and Inclusivity Representative.

Patty, who is originally from Pennsylvania, has been at Kent for 18 years. In this episode, the pair talk about Pennsylvania, the concept of ‘home’, running into people from your past, the different dreams that we chase, visiting exotic places, Patty’s love of the sea, sailing and flower arranging, gardens in the ancient world, the History teacher who made the subject come alive, voting in the UK and US, marching in Washington, why Patty likes reading obituaries, her dream trip to the South Pacific, what her 15-year-old self would think about what she is doing now, and why Patty is a looking forward type of person.

On Friday 22 November, Chris will be running ‘Nostalgia Night’. This will be a free evening of live music, readings, clips, interviews and interactions celebrating the pull of Nostalgia in shaping us as human beings – which will be taking place in the Colyer-Fergusson Hall at 19.30.