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Kent’s REF2021 Code of Practice is approved

We are pleased to announce that following assessments conducted by both the REF 2021 Equality and Diversity Panel (EDAP) and Research England, it has been confirmed that Kent’s Code of Practice meets the published requirements as set out in the REF 2021 COP Guidance (REF 2019/03).

The Code of Practice (COP) is a vital document for the University’s REF 2021 submission and is a document all institutions are required to submit.  It outlines the process of defining researchers, selecting outputs and demonstrating support for equality and diversity in the REF.

Kent’s COP is aligned with our commitment to the creation and support of a balanced, inclusive and diverse academic community, and reflects the four expected principles: transparency, consistency, accountability and inclusivity.

Now Kent’s COP has been approved, we must adhere to the approaches and processes that have been outlined and use it to inform key decisions for our REF2021 submission.

Please visit the REF2021 Code of Practice webpage for full details.