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University of Kent Wellbeing Zone Hub

Summer might be the ideal time to focus on our health and wellbeing needs.  The University is still busy but some of the pressures of the processes of the Academic Year have reduced giving staff an opportunity to take a breath, pause and consider their own needs.

Signing up to the University of Kent Staff Wellbeing Zone is exactly what you need to help you focus on your own wellbeing needs:

  • It has a simple Wellbeing Assessment Tool
  • Guidance in how to formulate wellbeing goals
  • Exercise and Diet programmes to follow that have been put together to work
  • Recipes to tempt you to eat more healthily
  • Lots and lots of informative articles on all aspects of wellbeing:
    • Health Eating
    • Activity
    • Alcohol intake
    • Mental Health
    • Meditation

It’s all completely confidential and free.  And you can connect it to other fitness trackers or wearables that you already use.

You don’t need to register; simply hit the Log In button and use the university login.