Hello Kent 2019 – what we have planned

In October 2018, the Student Experience Board commissioned a review of student welcome, induction and transition activities and communications.

The review aims to better co-ordinate all our welcome activities and communications to ensure our activities are accessible and fully support our diverse student population.

We have worked closely with the Union throughout this project.

For 2019, we are implementing the following quick wins:

  • A joint ‘Hello Kent’ campaign with the Union to welcome new students to campus.
  • This campaign includes a shared ‘Hello Kent’ campaign webpage, which pulls together all events and information for new students in one place. The Hello Kent webpage will be available in early July at – www.kent.ac.uk/hello
  • Improvements to our current maps on the Kent website. The new maps will work well on a mobile device and have geo-location.
  • A more co-ordinated approach to arrivals communications.

For September 2020, we hope to build on this work and improve the support we offer to both new and continuing students.