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A week in the life of a Modern Languages student

As part of a brand new video series, SECL students guide you through life at Kent. In this first video, second year Hispanic Studies student Rebecca guides you through a typical week in her life as a Modern Languages student.

Rebecca Ogden, Lecturer in Latin American Studies, said: “A week in the life of a Modern Languages student at the University of Kent is a varied mix of lectures, seminars, small study groups, independent study, one-on-one supervisions with lecturers, speaking practice in the target language (plus beach trips and nights out…)

Many students, like Becky, also fit sports and paid work around their studies. While our students become fluent in their studied language(s), they also become experts in the histories, cultures and politics of the countries in which that language is spoken.

All of these activities add up to the development of critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, team working, confidence, and resilience, which is why our language graduates are so employable.”

Watch Rebecca’s week in the life video