The EU Parliament elections are happening this Thursday 23 May

Where do I vote?

Most people vote in person. If you have applied to vote by post or by proxy head – find out more online.

You must vote at your local polling station (open 7am to 10pm on Thursday 23 May) – you will have received a poll card in the post which gives you the address of where this is.

Lost your poll card? Simply enter your postcode at

You do not need your poll card with you to vote.

What happens at the polling station?

When you arrive you will give your name and address to staff at the polling station.

If you’re in England, Wales or Scotland you don’t need anything with you.

If you’re in Northern Ireland you’ll need to also bring a photo ID – this could be your passport, driving license, Electoral Identity Card or certain kinds of Translink Smartpass.

You’ll be given a ballot paper with the people and parties you can vote for.

  1. Take your ballot paper into the polling booth
  2. Follow the instructions in the polling booth and on the top of your ballot paper to vote
  3. Put your paper in the ballot box on your way out

Who do I vote for?

It’s up to you! Find out who the parties and candidates are running in your region.

If you’re in England, Scotland or Wales you will get to vote for one party (who have put forward a list of candidates), or an individual candidate standing as an independent.

In Northern Ireland you will rank your candidates in order of preference – a system called ‘Single Transferable Vote’.

Your vote matters. Make sure to turn out on 23 May 2019.