Burger & Business sessions

Burger & Business was a University of Kent-funded initiative coordinated and led by the #DigitalReboot student ambassadors for the 2018-19 academic year. Maisie Galea and Hazel Frost organised the series of events with the intention of creating an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and come up with possible business ventures. While they were leading the sessions at the Canterbury campus at Mungo’s Bar, Ayomide Alli led the events in the Medway campus at The Deep End.

All students were invited to come to the meet-ups to achieve one of the goals for Burger & Business, whether this was meeting a possible co-founder for a business, sharing and learning about other people’s business ideas, or sharing and listening to business experiences – plus, of course, to enjoy a free burger meal.

Success stories include one group who came to the event in need of a website for a product they were selling. After socialising with another student at the meet-up who had the technical abilities to develop a website for them, they also met a student photographer who was willing to help advertise their product. It was evident that students were both satisfied with their meal as well as the company they were surrounded by at the event, making it another successful addition to the #DigitalReboot program!