UKC Student

UKC Student’s top tips for exam success!

UKC Student, Rowena reveals her top tips for exam success, with the help of Gandalf, the University of Kent, Woolf College cat.

1) Don’t leave revision to the last minute so you’re feline good for the exam. Give yourself enough time to cover each topic within the module. Factor in time to go through all the example questions, or even better if you can get your paws on them, the exam paper from the year before! Don’t try and cram everything last minute and get enough sleep the night before.

2. If you have a purrticular learning style, have a go at tailoring this to how you revise. There are online quizzes which can identify which type you are. I’m a visual learner so drawing ideas really helps for me! If you are an auditory learner, try reading your notes aloud and reciting them. If you are a physical learner, try and keep active whilst revising –  have a stress ball to hand or even some playdough! It may sound strange but give it a go, you might be surpurrised!


Gandalf’s preferred style is to stare at you with his big innocent eyes until you feed him his 7th dinner of the day… I can’t guarantee this will work well in your exams though…

3. Read the question slowly and carefurlly. Don’t be that guy who realises an hour in that you’ve misread the essay question. Read it several times and make sure you understand exactly what’s being asked before planning your answer. Keep refurring back to the question to see if you have addressed each part of it. If possible, underline or highlight the important words in the question to help you stay focused. Don’t get caught out by a simple mistake.


Meow-velous luck to you all. Ace your exams by giving it your best shot. Stay pawsitive, you can do it!