Short stay accommodation available now in Eliot College.

Do you commute to Canterbury Campus and have an exam you don’t want to be late for? Then why not consider staying on campus in Eliot College. Reduce stress and have more time to concentrate on studying with no need to worry about driving home late at night or missing an exam because of traffic, train strikes or other travel delays outside your control.

Living in a corridor of up to eight other short stay students, all rooms are self-catered singles with bedding and towels provided. Rooms are £20 a night with a minimum of a two night stay required to book.

You can find out more or book online.

While short-stay accommodation in Eliot College is only available for Kent students, don’t forget that we also have year-round visitor accommodation available in Wedgewood Court in Darwin Houses and Beverley Farmhouse next to Canterbury Innovation Centre. Ideal for when you have friends or family visiting who want to stay on campus for the duration of their visit.

If you have any questions please email: