Discover the Year in Computing

The Year in Computing gives Kent students from any subject area the opportunity to add a Year in Computing to their degree to help improve their skills and employability. To help interested students find out more, the School of Computing, have arranged a “kick start lunch”, with free pizza, on Tuesday 22 January,12.30-14.00, in Cornwallis SW101.

Many students are keen to learn the tech skills that will make them stand out to a graduate employer, or simply want to learn more about computing for their own interests. The Year in Computing is a free-standing, self-contained year, offered to students from other schools in the University and can be taken after stage two or three (that is, between your second and final year, or after your final year). This extra year can be taken after stage 2 or the final year of a students’ current degree programme.

The Year in Computing will especially be of interest to you if:

  • you are interested in studying computing AND your current degree,
  • you would like to get prepared for a career in tech,
  • you are interested in exploring the frontiers of your subject and computing,
  • you want to learn how to be creative with computing.

If you would like to attend, please book your place online.