Playwrights and translations

Dr Margherita Laera, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre in the School of Arts, will be in Milan to lead a translation workshop to translate the award-winning play Tu es Libre by Francesca Garolla from Italian into English, from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 December 2018.

The play investigates the themes of freedom and war through the story of the sudden disappearance of French girl Haner Rouger from her Paris home. The workshop was commissioned by EU-funded Creative Europe project Fabulamundi – Playwriting Europe Beyond Borders to promote the play overseas.

Dr Laera will collaborate with the author and several young playwrights from Milan on the English-language version of the script. The play is currently being performed in Milan until tomorrow night at Teatro i.

The translated text will subsequently be available from Fabulamundi. To see all the texts translated so far, please see the page here.