New programme: BSc (Hons) Human Geography

It may be 20 years since the University of Kent ran a Geography undergraduate programme but there is a wealth of Geography expertise on the Canterbury campus.  The BSc (Hons) in Human Geography draws together this expertise, enabling us to run a new programme which draws on the traditional foundations of Geography and energises it to tackle contemporary issues.

Having been discussed around the University for many years we are very excited to now have the programme ready to bring in students from September 2019!

Our aim is to train the next generation of geographers to creatively address the challenges facing the modern world.  Our programme is a fusion of major geographic themes such as social and cultural geography, economics and development studies, and environmental and landscape planning, with modules from Law, Sociology, Anthropology and Biodiversity Conservation.

The programme has been supported by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG).  We are in the process of applying for full accreditation of the programme with the RGS-IBG.  In excited anticipation of the launch of our programme we have been engaging with local schools and in July 2018 we welcomed 26 pupils to our ‘Thinking Geographically’ conference.

The Kent Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Studies (KISS) will provide an innovative and interdisciplinary research community to which our students can contribute and through which they can expand their interaction with world-leading experts.

£2000 scholarships

To celebrate the launch of this new programme, we are offering up to ten £2,000 scholarships for applicants starting in September 2019.  The scholarship recognises academic excellence and the contribution students can make to our geography research community. Full terms and conditions are available via the Scholarships Finder.

Find out more

Full details of the programme can be found via the online prospectus.  You are also welcome to contact us via