Former Kent student makes discovery on Homer’s Kalydon

Signe Barfoed, Honorary Research Fellow for the Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies, has contributed an article to the Carlsberg Foundation website about interesting results from her research into Homer’s Kalydon.

The famous poet Homer described the ancient Greek city of Kalydon in his legendary poem The Iliad, the story of the Trojan War. The project ‘Rediscovering Artemis. A Comprehensive Re-examination of the Artemis Laphria Sanctuary in Kalydon’ supported by the Carlsberg Foundation and hosted by the Danish Institute at Athens, is re-writing the history of the important sanctuary of the goddess Artemis in Kalydon in western Greece. Significant archaeological evidence has now been revealed which proves the existence of the Greek Bronze Age city of Kalydon, Homer’s Kalydon.

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