East Kent Philosophy Teachers’ Network website launched

Dr Graeme A. Forbes, Lecturer for the Department of Philosophy, has recently helped launch The East Kent Philosophy Teachers’ Network website. This website includes a full programme of a recent conference at the Kings’ School, Canterbury.

The East Kent Philosophy Teachers’ Network was started this year out of a desire to foster a community of Philosophers in the East Kent area, a support network for teachers of Philosophy, and collaboration between the University of Kent and Schools in East Kent in engaging students with the subject.

Graeme writes ‘I’m really proud to launch the website of the East Kent Philosophy Teachers’ Network. Philosophy is an amazing subject that has been shown to boost children’s literacy and numeracy, has been linked to good citizenship since ancient Greece, and deals with questions of enduring and global interest. Historically, professional philosophers in universities have been cut off from teachers and children in schools, even when the buildings are a short walk from one another. The Network exists to make it easier for teachers, academic philosophers, and schoolchildren in East Kent to share the benefits that philosophy can bring. Launching the website makes the work of the Network more visible so it can develop and grow as more teachers join’.

To visit the website, please see the link here.