Science and Society: Ethical concerns in the development of new technologies

Are you interested in the ethical concerns surrounding the development of new technologies? We are in a rapidly-changing world, so how do we view the future?  Science and technology have often provided new developments to solve old problems but we can not necessarily rely on answers being available for all situations.  Furthermore, there may be ethical issues to consider about the use of new techniques, so where are the boundaries between science and society?  What kind of world do we want?

This FREE course aims to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the above and discuss with fellow colleagues the issues surrounding the following topics:

  • KE185: Energy
  • KE186: Conflict and Warfare
  • KE187: Health and Medical Developments
  • KE188: Biotechnology
  • KE189: Artificial Intelligence
  • KE190: Machines, Robots and A.I.

Employability Points will be awarded to students that attend the course.

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