Challenges of Religious Urbanization in Africa workshop

The Challenges of Religious Urbanization in Africa

The ‘Challenges of Religious Urbanization in Africa’ workshop, funded by the British Academy/Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) through the Religious Urbanization in Africa (RUA) project, will be held on 26 June 2018. It is hosted by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Lagos, in collaboration with the University of Kent.

The aim of the workshop is to gather a unique set of speakers to discuss current and urgent issues relating to intersections between infrastructure and the expansion of religious organisations in African cities. The key questions to be considered are

  • Do religious infrastructures ameliorate or exacerbate everyday challenges of safety, inclusion, and security?
  • How should development policies and analyses take account of religious dynamics and religious actors in urban African contexts?

Amongst the speakers is Dr David Garbin, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, who is Principal Investigator on the Rua Project.

The workshop programme is available on the Rua website.