Dog Duvet

Moving out? How to clear your unwanted items

Bin Amnesty

From Monday 11 June to Friday 6 July 2018 a Bin Amnesty will begin in Canterbury, which will allow students moving out of properties in specific locations to place bin bags next to their household waste and recycling bins, and the waste contractor will collect during this four-week period. The Bin Amnesty will be in operation for the following roads:

Road Area Weekly Collection
Beaconsfield Road St Michaels Yes
Beecroft Close Hales Place Yes
Beverley Road Hales Place
Bicknor Close Hales Place
Bramshaw Road St Michaels Yes
Bristol Road Wincheap
Brockenhurst Close St Michaels
Brymore Road Northgate/ Sturry Road
Claremont Place Wincheap
College Road Barton Yes
Crossways Hales Place Yes
Downs Road Hales Place Yes
Durham Close Wincheap
Edgar Road Barton
Forty Acres Road St Michaels
Gordon Road Wincheap
Hales Drive Hales Place
Havelock Street Barton
Headcorn Drive Hales Place Yes
Honeywood Close Northgate/ Sturry Road
Kemsing Gardens Hales Place Yes
Lansdown Road Wincheap Yes
Lime Kiln Road Wincheap
Long Meadow Way Hales Place Yes
Lyndhurst Close St Michaels
Martyr’s Field Road Wincheap Yes
Monastery Street Barton
North Homes Road Barton Yes
Nursery Walk St Michaels Yes
Old Ruttington Lane Barton
Oxford Road Wincheap
Pretoria Road Barton
Regency Place Northgate Yes
Ringwood Close St Michaels Yes
Rushmead Close St Michaels Yes
Salisbury Road St Michaels Yes
Shaftesbury Road St Michaels
St Gregory’s Road Barton
St Martin’s Avenue Barton
St Martin’s Close Barton
St Martin’s Road Barton Yes
St Michaels Place St Michaels
St Michaels Road St Michaels
Starle Close Northgate/ Sturry Road
Sturry Road (to Parham Road) Northgate/ Sturry Road
Tenterden Drive Hales Place Yes
The Close, Downs Road Hales Place Yes
The Crescent Hales Place
The Terrace Hales Place
Tudor Road Wincheap
Tunstall Road Hales Place
Ulcombe Gardens Hales Place Yes
Uplands Hales Place
Westerham Close Hales Place
York Road Wincheap
Zealand Road Wincheap


Necessary Furniture

During the Bin Amnesty, from Monday 11 June to Friday 6 July 2018, the University will be working with Necessary Furniture, a local charity, to re-use and recycle as many unwanted household items as possible.

What they will collect:

Working electronic items such as microwaves, kettles, televisions, radios, computers and accessories. All kitchen items, such as cutlery, crockery and pans, and furniture that is in good condition, such as tables, chairs, bookshelves, desks, pictures and mirrors. They will also take clothes that are in good condition, books, curtains, sporting and gym equipment.

What they cannot collect:

Anything broken, torn or stained, any white goods that are dirty or smelly, sofas, upholstered couches or chairs, mattresses, chemicals, paint, degraded microwaves, old rugs, carpeting, health/beauty products and any recalled consumer items.

If you are unsure if an item can be donated please call Necessary Furniture on 01227 712680 or check their website at

Items will be collected over the four-week Bin Amnesty period as follows:


Area A: Wincheap Area B: Hales Place Area C: Barton Area D: St Michael’s
Bristol Road Beecroft Close Brymore Road Beaconsfield Road
Claremont Place Beverley Road College Road Bramshaw Road
Durham Close Bicknor Close Edgar Road Brockenhurst Close
Gordon Road Crossways Havelock Street Forty Acres Road
Lansdown Road Downs Road Honeywood Close Lyndhurst Close
Lime Kiln Road Hales Drive Monastery Street Nursery Walk
Martyrs’ Field Road Headcorn Drive North Holmes Road Ringwood Close
Oxford Road Kemsing Gardens Old Ruttington Lane Rushmead Close
Tudor Road Long Meadow Way Pretoria Road Salisbury Road
York Road Tenterden Drive Regency Place Shaftesbury Road
Zealand Road The Close, Downs Road St Gregory’s Road St Michael’s Place
The Crescent St Martin’s Avenue St Michael’s Road
The Terrace St Martin’s Close
Tunstall Road St Martin’s Road
Ulcombe Gardens Starle Close
Uplands Sturry Road (to Parham Road)
Westerham Close
Collected 15/06/2018 Collected 22/06/2018 Collected 29/06/2018 Collected 06/07/2018


Items for collection should be put out first thing in the morning, but if you need to put something out the day before please leave until the evening. (Please ensure items do not obstruct the public footway.)

If the above collection dates are not compatible with your moving out date please contact Necessary Furniture on 01227 712680.

Give a Dog a Duvet Day

To prevent unwanted duvets from going to landfill or incineration, the University is supporting a number of local animal charities by donating unwanted duvets as beds for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens etc.

If you have a duvet you no longer need, and it’s clean and undamaged, please place in a clean carrier bag or bin bag and deliver to Eliot College reception. The University will then arrange for the duvets to be donated to local animal charities.

This initiative will operate throughout the summer term, from Tuesday 8 May to Friday 15 June 2018.