Online Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for students

From November 2017, all Kent students wherever they are located can access free, 24/7 online support for issues around mental health and wellbeing.

The Big White Wall (BWW) is a Care Quality Commission registered service recognised nationally through awards by the NHS and is a safe environment overseen by qualified therapists called Wall Guides. It offers:

  • peer talk therapies where members initiate or join forums on topics ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship issues, work stress, abuse, self-harm and eating disorders
  • peer support and networks where students make friends to create a support network as a reference group, source of motivation and a means to improve self-awareness
  • creative therapies employing art and writing therapies where members express themselves on ‘bricks’ that are posted to the Big White Wall where they can choose to share and discuss the underlying ‘story’
  • brief counselling providing immediate 24/7 support from Big White Wall Guides who are trained counsellors
  • 24/7 guided groups that are based in therapeutic approaches such as interpersonal therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy You can find a link to the Big White Wall here.

How students can register

In order to gain access to this service students can click on the BWW link using their Kent email address to gain access.

As part of the registration process, please advise students not to use their Kent IT account password for this service.

Please note that students may, upon completion of the registration process, change their contact email address to a non-Kent email account.

Big White Wall takes privacy very seriously and you can find their privacy policy here.