Particular Places

Particular Places: new exhibition in Keynes College

‘Particular Places’, an exhibition of paintings, prints and drawings by local artists Gabrielle Nesfield and Bay Lees, has recently been installed in the Keynes College Atrium, Teaching Foyer and first floor gallery.

Most of Gabrielle Nesfield’s work in this exhibition is inspired by the experiences of staying in Paris and other European cities, where place and atmosphere evoke strong impressions. Studies and notes made in museums, often in response to sculpture, develop over time into paintings and drawings, combining observation, imagination and memory. The artist’s studio remains an abiding theme.

Bay Lees’s work for this exhibition is a personal response to the strong sense of place generated by a visit to Southern India where three generations of her father’s family lived and worked from 1870. In order to evoke the mood of the landscape and buildings that made such an impression on her, she has experimented with building up layers of translucent colour and texture by painting beeswax onto printing plates which are then inked up and passed through and old Kimber press. The exhibition also includes some painted and fired glass pieces that suggest the early photographic plates used to capture the landscape of the Western Ghats in the 19th century.

The exhibition includes additional works by Victoria Smith and Oliver Smith, and runs until 15th December 2017.