Via Francigena charity walk

Charity walk on the Via Francigena

Julia Peters, a PhD student in the Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies, has organised a charity walk along the historic route, the Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Dover for the charity Save the Children, to take place on Saturday 7 October 2017.

The Via Francigena (the French Way), was originally the Roman route which connected the British Isles to Rome. The UK section today is better known as the North Downs Way. The walk will begin at the gates of Canterbury Cathedral, progress through the picturesque villages of Patrixbourne and Womenswold, through Shepherdswell and finishing at the port of Dover.

The walk aims to raise £3,000 for Save the Children. The funds raised by the charity walk will contribute to the programmes run by Save the Children to provide education for some of the 28 million children living in areas of conflict who are currently out of school.

The walk is open to all. You can sign up with a suggested donation of £20 (£1 per mile), or simply donate.

Find out more, including how to donate or register online.